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hehehe the internet hasn't found you on NewGrounds yet. full hipster mode right here (it's Xoundsystem in case you are curious who the fuck this is) and I know you don't give half a piss about reviews on this. I was wondering if you'd psoted anything here on your NG at all since you started to post on SC more often and actually got yknow, famous n stuff, and I was right hehehe. fucking dope though. love the mixing, definitely your style and it's very heavy for something so fast paced. why isnt there any of this stuff on other parts of the internet );

xKore - Splatterhouse (WI xKore - Splatterhouse (WI

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yeah, more bass br0

sick as usual, just, it doesn't sound deep enough, more bass would be nice--doesn't give enough of a punch, like most of your other songs
Very sick though, don't get me wrong.

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~EnV~Heaven Rd. 3 ~EnV~Heaven Rd. 3

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Such Amazing Automation<3

I've always loved the Heaven songs by you, Envy. Since before '08, even!
I never really was able to appreciate these songs until recently. You did nothing wrong, whatsoever, other than a little bit of unexpected melody continuations (near the end) but it's not like you didn't make up for it with the insane effects. :)
This is the perfect Dance song. Unless you can somehow manage to make it even more complex, or even extend it--I can't see any possible way of making it more interesting. I loved the addition of the synth that sounded sort of like a guitar+saw's child. Haha. Really, this is just perfect. The breaks, the buildup, the climax. It's just amazing. I really really envy this song (ka-pun!) and I wish I may, one day, be able to make music as catchy and complex as this. :)
By the way--there's no way to go wrong if you extend it. People love Heaven. =)
Sick job, although I'm sure you hear this all the time. I just love this song, truly, 100%, love, this song. Have a nice day bro.

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Clayface - IDM Clayface - IDM

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Fuck, man.

I dunno what to say. This is just perfect. I see nothing wrong with it, other than personal preferences, which really really really makes me feel useless. :P So um, grats? xD
All I can say seems odd is that the drums seem a bit too random, even for Drum N Bass, but that's me. So don't worry. :3

mmmburgers responds:

Haha, yeah as what most people would probably say. But this is IDM. (it's a genre). If you don't know what it is, i suggest you check it out! It's actually real cool.

Thanks for the review though. : D

Jumpstyle! Jumpstyle!

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Needs moar 1/3 beat

Well, the melody isn't jumpstyle/hardstyle or Trance period. But the kick was okay. I dunno what I can say, I mean, you used kick samples and it's mainly one long huge beat with some leads that just happen to be there, that aren't really even Trancey. But, I think with enough practice, this could be dope.

cky12qxz responds:

Thanks for the tips, mate.
But you can jumpstyle to this beat and that's all I was shooting for.

Green Hill Zone *Request* vr3 Green Hill Zone *Request* vr3

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1. It's taken from a MIDI.
2. Your channels are all far too loud and overlap eachother, which is obviously caused by the fact that you took a MIDI and put synths over it. I really see no effort in this other than finding your MIDI that you blatantly didn't credit. I dislike this.

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Assassin223 responds:

To be completely honest with you, yes I did use a MIDi when I "created" this track. I was ~13 around the time I got interested in music production. I'm rather ashamed that I did this, but I will not deny it. But hey, I'm making music for video games now so that must count for something! ;)

"Zombie Nation" Remix "Zombie Nation" Remix

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Definitely Needs More Mastering

Well, seeing as it's a lot like the original, I'm going to start with an 8. Transitions were nice. Some of the percussion seemed a bit too random. Your kick has far too much bass, or it's too loud and is muting out the rest of the channels. Your hat is too loud. Your clap with reverb also mutes out the synth. The fade out at the end seemed poor. The opening was nice, but that kick ruined it. Overall, I didn't like this too much.

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Sonic The Hedgehog - Starlight Sonic The Hedgehog - Starlight

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I liked that harmonica

It's great to see varied songs in the Audio Portal. Has that modern feel with that good ol' instrument-feel. :P Using that harmonica was a good choice, but what I did notice is that it sounded like it was.. synthesized :O
When you went from a low to high note, there was a very very very short (but still present) amount of pitch bending going on there, which leads me to believe it's a synth. Either way, nice choice. I liked it, but the bass sounded a bit quiet at times. Either way, it's great. :D

Kazmo - The Blue [loop] Kazmo - The Blue [loop]

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Dude, this is fucking dope.

Not only do I see nothing wrong with this, but this is completely original. It's got style, and lots of it at that. This is the kind of thing people would expect to hear from the best of the best, and I do believe that you are the best of the best. :P
The effects and complexity are both really sick. The arps you used occasionally give it flare, while the base of the whole thing makes it dope to begin with. It's just overall great. 10/10, 5/5

( Psycho ) ( Psycho )

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Buildup. :o

Well, what I found odd.. You start out with that insane distorted synth (at least maybe it is a synth, who knows? xD) then you cut it off and go to the arp.. I'd imagine it being better if you had the arp going, then brought it back and brought in the percussion there, but the percussion part is just me.
I'd give imagery but when I listen to techno with a lot of arp-ness, and very futuristic-sounding synths, I imagine a completely white, shiny city that has.. Hmm..
When you increase the BPM, I think of that city being under a war.. But the war is not just any war, the war is of people with jetpacks, and fast ones at that. The thing is, it's like, the military versus the civilians, you know what I mean? ;o
Oh also, you should add some effect to those hats. =P

You know what, if you have Windows Live/MSN, really, do add me. :o

samthejokerman responds:

it was actually a snare roll with a hell of a lot of effects :P

personally, with the title, i kind of... well first i should say: when i write music i just let it go wherever i see it going; my mind shows what should go next and i try to make it appear. i can only examine most of my songs AFTER i write them, for mean and imagery and such X i'm usually just... well, writing when i'm writing, not thinking :P

but nontheless, i saw a drug addict, and the buildup was to the high that he experiences from whatever hard drug he happened to need a fix from, like heroine or what not :)