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songs under 'tapey' and shit

2010-12-11 00:23:30 by JD14

My brother and I have to share a computer; I stopped working on music a long time ago, he just got a NG account, and so he posts his songs from this computer. Sometimes I'm still signed in and that results in the song being posted on the wrong account--sorry guys, just a heads up. Trying to avoid confusion here.

These Fucking 0 Bombers

2010-02-07 15:02:44 by JD14

I am really really getting sick of these 0 bombers. Not because of the 0's, no, that's fine, but you're not fucking telling me why. If you're giving me 0's because you're an ass, well, fuck you. If you're giving me 0's because you dislike it for a perfectly fine reason, that's fine, but since nobody is telling me, you're all complete faggots. Every single one of you.
I hate you fuckers, and I'm done with the pleas for explanations as to why you're being such faggots--because I guess some of you were just born that way. Simply put, fuck all of you 0 bombers.

These Fucking 0 Bombers

Holy shit. I don't even care about formality here--I'm getting a goddamn Dell Studio 15 for Christmas.
This motherfucker has 4GB RAM, intel dual core processor (hey, it's a laptop.), 15.6" monitor, HD (obviously), BACKLIT keys, 500 GB harddrive, and most of all..
A built-in motherfucking subwoofer. Holy shit. What laptop has a subwoofer built in?

So, anyway, it weighs 6 pounds.


I bought a $1,000 Speaker System

2009-12-08 06:35:45 by JD14

For $312. :3 I feel happy. These are some sick speakers. The only reason I really wanted them, though, was for the subwoofer. I flipped when I saw the size and voltage--15 inches square with 200 watts, the frequency range was wider than my old one so I didn't care for specifics. It's got 3 foot floor-standing woofer speakers, and 6 inch desk speakers with built-in woofers. Are you hearing me? This is insane :3
My old subwoofer could shake my walls, and it was like 9 inches. (I guess it depended on what I was listening to at the moment ;D) but damn, I have this crazy setup now.. :3 Now all I have to do is go test them out >:3

Well since I moved recently, we had to check out our basement for junk that we put in there a long time ago. I found a tiny-ass computer that I thought was a printer, a microwave, a printer, a scanner, two monitors, and...
A Casio full-size keyboard with MIDI jacks :DDDD
Now I might not need to get that new keyboard.. :3
That's all for now, however, so.. Bye. :P

Well, I got hardware.

2009-11-04 22:46:15 by JD14

But it broke. D:
One tip; never ever ever buy a Korg nanoKEY if you have a messy workstation. My key fell off, out of the blue, and I lost the rubber piece. I decided to, instead, get an Akai MIDI keyboard (I forget the model name) soon, which will be quite the investment. (it actually has real keys. :P) However, I do plan on staying with this drum pad and MIDI controller, the nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL. :D

Although this is increasing the time it's taking for me to compose songs, it's only a minor setback. Hopefully I'll get this new keyboard for Christmas or something :3

On a more audio-related note, I somehow keep mixing my genres together. Like, my song, "Yet Another Nameless Song," that was originally 100% hiphop. I managed to merge it with electronica and now it ended up as another Miscellaneous song. I should just call myself Mr. Misc or something, dunno. Either way, I really want to be able to stick to one genre from now on, and it's really going to be tough for me. D:

Well, I got hardware.

You Motherfucking Zero Bombers

2009-10-25 20:04:26 by JD14

I feel like actually participating in the voting system to get my level up to the point where, if I can find your asses, I can rape your submissions to death.
Anywho, I had to take down a song that was "okay" to begin with, which got zero bombed. I am currently working on changing some things with it, and I swear to god if I find your ass, you motherfucking zero bomber, I will rape your face. Have fun, now :D
Other things which aren't of much importance:
-New header
-Soon-to-be new icon
-Working on some new songs
-Birthday (:P) in about 6 days.
-I have adopted the term "bro" as my replacement of "dude" and "man."
I'm going to be uploading some art, maybe. I also am pretty pissed off at the Art mod who removed my edited picture of my cat with the lazer beams. Other people have photo edits, and they're even on the front page. What the fuck is up with that?
Well, this post is getting long. A bit too long. One last thing, I can't decide on if I should use a new picture for my audio covers, (diff. than the old "JD" picture) or the same one. Either way, I'm still making songs.

New banner is displayed below:

You Motherfucking Zero Bombers

Weee Halloween And New Songs

2009-10-06 19:08:33 by JD14

Okay so yeah.
Here's the deal. It's my birthday. "What is this I don't even who cares it doesn't effect me at all."
I'm going to probably make a Happy Birthday To You remix :3
And before that I may (most likely will) make a bunch of Halloween-themed songs.
It's gonna be fun :3
Obtw, new song pic and new avatar pic. The un-resized version is posted below :3
Edit: Fuck the original is around 900 pixels, so NG resized it. :P

Weee Halloween And New Songs


2009-05-24 00:30:45 by JD14

I was just thinking--You know how there are post moods?
There should be one for :3
Just a random thought.
Jesus how long does it take for an audio submission to get approved/disapproved xD


LOL Journal Entry Hilarity

2008-12-07 19:07:30 by JD14

Yeah, for Social Studies class, I have an assignment. It's journal entries in the Civil war, and I figured, well, why not make it funny? And it ended up being just that. Here yah go:

Jack Diller: Social Studies Journal

Hello! My name's Jimbob. I was born in New Jersey, and so, I live in the north. I just finished 8th grade and my 19th birthday was three days ago, on the 10th of December, 1859. I got held back a lot, because I couldn't do math stuff. My family's not very large, but there's plenty of ugly to go around, 'specially with my sister, Sue. She has 11 toes, but the doctor said he couldn't amputate one because a major vein goes through it, and she'd die if he did. Sue's got 6 kids, 5 less than her husband did from his last marriage. Now they've got 17 kids in total, which, I think, is just plain stupid. Well, she is 17, girls can get married at 14. She also insists not to tweeze her one eyebrow, which covers both sides of her face. I like to do yard work to make a simple living, nothing too much, nothing too little. I've got a Mohawk, like those Indians used to have, and I like it a lot. I'm 3'9'', very short for my age, but Ma says I'll have a growth spurt any day now. I don't believe her.
Dec. 20, 1860
Wow! Abraham Lincoln just became president of the United States! He gets to live in a white house, but last time I checked that's where the crazy people go. Then again, I'm not that intelligent, but Pa says smarts aren't everything; you gotta have money, that's all you need to live in this crooked world. Pa is a very depressing man. I heard he wants to go to war. I don't like fighting very much, but if I get sent out to fight, then I get sent out to fight, because, really, I don't have anything better to be doing. Since my birthday was 13 days ago, and now that I'm 20, I was able to get some private tutoring so I'm not "as stupid," as my little sister says. She beats me in any game we play, like checkers, and tic-tac-toe. I never understood why you have to use X's or O's. Why not Q's or Z's? When I use Q's, she says I'm cheating and then I have to forfeit. I heard some states left the South, where those slaves are, to stay with us, like one big happy family. I think what they did was a good idea, cuz I don't like the south very much. They sell other people and it's not nice. Sometimes, I heard, they kill them, but that's not possible, I mean, it's not easy to kill another guy, especially if they're working all day long. And Ma always says you can't kill someone, no matter what, so I'll just listen to her.
April 15, 1861
It's shocking, Journal. Abe Lincoln, the guy in the big white building where the crazy people are, declared war. Imma probably going to have to fight, you know, with me being 20 and all. As I said in my last entry, I don't really care if I fight or not. I've got nothing better to do. Sue says that war is a bad alternator. I don't know what she meant by alternator, but I know it's a bad alternative. Then again I might've heard her wrong, or something. My family, being in New Jersey, doesn't really care about the war. We do, though, care about the Seceded States which are obviously going to be attacked by their Southern buddies.
July 21, 1861
Oh no, this is bad. The people on our side of the war, the Union, just lost at Bull Run. The news-man, as we all call him, who comes from town to town telling us stuff about what's going on, said the Generals think their soldiers are not well-trained. I'll show 'em. I'll go out there and fight. He tells us there were a lot of casualties, whatever that means. He said that this will probably prove that the war is going to take a while to end, maybe a short ten years. I don't know about that old guy, but 10 years is a long time, and he might've forgotten to take his medicine. I figure, though, since there are so many dead guys over there, it's going to take a while for the war to be done with.

Like my GIMP doodling? Check out my YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JDofPivot

LOL Journal Entry Hilarity